Manufacturing Depth


In order to achieve our high quality standards that we have set for ourselves, and to be able to react flexible to customer requirements, VESPER lays great importance to a high internal degree of production.

From the construction, welding, and CNC manufacturing to the final assembly, programming and commissioning, VESPER is positioned in such a way that tools and machines can be manufactured completely in-house.
Thanks to our modern machinery and our highly trained employees, VESPER is always up to date with the latest technical standards and, as a problem solver for a wide range of tasks, can always implement the most modern technical solution in-house and provide a high degree of flexibility.

In construction, we follow the standards of the automotive industry. Our customers’ products are constructed and designed on various CATIA V5 workstations. As a further design platform, we have also integrated the Siemens NX system in our company.

Despite a high standardization of our systems and tools, the proportion of customer-specific designs is constantly growing. The highest priority is always the optimal design of our tools and systems on our customers’ products, and this despite a high degree of standardization, in order to shorten the delivery times.

Technical Development / Design


  • CATIA V5 Construction
  • Siemens NX Construction



  • CNC-Milling
  • CNC-Turning
  • Wire eroding
  • Die sinking
  • Grinding
  • Welding
  • Final assembly



  • Assembling
  • Electrical cabinet and wiring
  • SPS- Programming
  • Commissioning worldwide
  • Test runs incl. the required peripherals
    • HotMelt spray assignment
    • HotMelt mill assignment
  • Construction

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